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BioPAT® Xgas

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The BioPAT® Xgas monitors and controls bioprocesses in real time. It is a combined oxygen-carbon dioxide sensor featuring automatic compensation of humidity and pressure. The range for oxygen is 1 - 50% and for carbon dioxide 0 - 10%, with ±3% accuracy on the reference value and a difference of less than ±0.2% on the reading. The sensor is non-invasive and can be conveniently integrated onto a new Sartorius Stedim bioreactor exhaust line or your current system.

  • Parallel and continuous measurement of O2 and CO2 using just one sensor
  • Standardized integration into Sartorius bioreactors for event-based control, enabled by real-time determination of respiration parameters
  • High accuracy and process reliability ensured by automatic compensation of humidity and pressure
  • Compact design for convenient integration into both small lab bioreactors and process-scale fermenters
  • Status display and calibration buttons directly on the BioPAT® Xgas for easy operation