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Product Family:

Ergonomics – for Your Safety 

Because we understand the risks of repetitive pipetting, we focus on ergonomics in every product we make. Simply put, you can use our equipment while working in a comfortable posture and with minimum effort and strain.

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Enjoy Your Work!

Pipetting Academy for Better Ergonomics.



Sartorius pipettes of Biohitfamily are appreciated for their user friendliness and accuracy, as well as their attractive, yet practical design.


Pipette Tips

For accurate and precise results, you need tips designed to match your pipette. Our Optifit Tips and SafetySpaceTM Filter Tips are designed and manufactured to fit perfectly on our pipettes.



Low Retention Tips – Maximize Your Sample Recovery


Pipette Controllers and Bottle-top Dispensers

Do you need to dispense large volumes straight from a bottle or tube? To make it easy for you, we offer handy pipette controllers and bottle-top dispensers.

Bottle-top Dispensers      Pipette Controllers

Pipetting Academy – Training for Users

Our Pipetting Academy will train pipette users to obtain the best performance, ergonomics and safety.

  • Learn about pipetting techniques and other factors that influence pipetting results
  • Gain a better understanding of the ergonomic risk factors in pipetting
  • Learn how to avoid these risks in your work and how to improve your results

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Stands and Accessories 

To prevent contamination, your pipette needs to be stored in an upright position on a stand. That’s why we offer a full range of stands and other useful accessories for the highest safety and protection against contamination for pipetting.

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Liquid Handling Services

Sartorius provides a comprehensive list of calibration, maintenance and repair services worldwide to extend the lifetime and ensure the continuous accuracy and precision of your liquid handling instruments.

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Optimize your HPLC sample preparation for higher analytical accuracy

Your HPLC results can only be as good as the quality of your sample preparation.
Using Sartorius products to prepare samples for HPLC prevents the usual problems from occurring:
· No blockage of your HPLC column
· Higher sensitivity of your HPLC column
· Higher accuracy
· Fewer false-positive peaks
· Less background noise
· No leachables