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As a partner for pharmaceutical and laboratory companies, Sartorius is a global leader in dynamic sectors that will continue to grow for many years to come. Our areas of core expertise are fermentation and filtration technologies, fluid management and purification for the manufacture of biopharmaceuticals, as well as laboratory instruments. Natural scientists, engineers, business managers, you name it – at Sartorius, experts of diverse fields work right along with our partners and customers who are among the best and brightest in their sector.

Expert Career Path

With the Expert Career Path program, Sartorius offers its employees in the Research and Development unit a structured, transparent approach to their career development. Like a manager‘s career, an expert career covers defined steps up the career ladder, enabling an expert to be promoted several rungs. As a result, experts can focus on the core areas of their work – developing products and driving innovations, without being sidetracked by management tasks.

Sartorius College

At Sartorius, experts can continuously expand their skills and careers, for example, by selecting specific seminars from the comprehensive program of training courses offered by Sartorius College on interpersonal communication, leadership and work techniques or by attending our sales and technical training courses.

Think Openly, Work Internationally

Experts who are at the top of their fields in science and technology work at Sartorius, in interdisciplinary and, more often than not, international project teams. At the same time, they benefit from short decision-making paths and the family-style corporate culture at Sartorius. We appreciate individual performance, give individuals considerable freedom in their work and foster an open exchange of experiences and ideas.

Sartorius Careers

"What I particularly appreciate  at Sartorius is the trust they place in me every single day."

Dr. Miyako Hirai, Product Manager Membrane Chromatography

Carolin Glorius-Franke