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An Inspirational Working Environment

We offer you a secure and pleasant environment, so that you can fully concentrate on your tasks, maximize your full potential and come up with new, creative ideas. Sartorius wants employees who show initiative and are willing to take on responsibility. In return, they can expect a lot from Sartorius.

Our employees receive bonuses in accordance with local standards. In addition, Sartorius offers company paid contributions to health insurance and retirement plans.

Multifaceted Human Resources Development

As a supplier for pharma and biotech companies, Sartorius is a worldwide leader in growth markets. The dynamics of our industries are paving ever newer ways for our employees to evolve. We continuously invest in the further development of our human resources. Indeed, we require competent and qualified employees who would like to grow alongside us.Human resources development is not a standard process for us. We support our employees with custom-tailored measures meant to help them achieve their career goals. If they wish to do so, our staff can even receive training beyond their actual work area and perhaps even discover talents they

didn't realize they had. By taking part in job rotations, where employees transfer to other corporate locations, sometimes even international ones, "Sartorians" can expand their personal and professional horizons. Additionally, we offer personalized developmental assessments so that individuals can expand their competencies and hone their strengths Our employees can choose from numerous training courses, seminars and language courses that prepare them for the next higher expert or management levels. Many of them are held at the Sartorius College in Goettingen.

At Sartorius, internal employees are given preference when management positions are to be filled. That's why we promote future leaders internationally. For example, the next generation of managers benefits from regular talks about the experience of long-time managers in our leadership programs, thereby learning how to develop their own, individual leadership qualities. In research and development, we have mentor programs which provide new employees with the optimal introduction to our fields of technology and work.

Health Management & Occupational Safety

A healthy company needs healthy employees. Company-wide health management is not an obligation, but rather a matter of heart for us. Depending on site locations, we offer a range of comprehensive health screening benefits, medical check-ups, consulting services and concrete occupational safety measures. We take care of everything to ensure healthy working conditions, as safety and health have top priority at Sartorius.

As an industrial corporation, occupational safety is a major focal point at Sartorius. We are continuously improving technical and organizational working conditions to keep the number of work-related medical conditions, health hazards and accident risks as low as possible. We achieve this through technical improvements and regular training courses.

Company Sports

In several countries, Sartorius organizes company sports events to encourage healthy lifestyles. By taking part in one of the numerous company sports groups, colleagues also get a "sporting chance" to get to know each other and stay fit together. Whether playing soccer, sailing or jogging in a group, the main focus is the enjoyment of exercising together.