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Openness & Diversity


Using the Combined Potential of Our Employees Worldwide

At Sartorius, people from five continents work together. Over decades, Sartorius has been at home at its sites such as Puerto Rico, India and China. The global Sartorius network is the hallmark of our daily work: Many departments extend beyond city and country borders; project teams are often made up of different nationalities.

To us, diversity is a success factor: Different perspectives and open exchange with one another are our sources of progress and change. In setting up teams, we therefore ensure that we productively combine diverse personality styles and backgrounds. In appointing managers, we also strive to achieve a mix of cultures, genders and age groups. More than half of our approximately 600 managerial employees at Sartorius originate from countries other than Germany. With women accounting for more than 37% of our entire workforce, their proportion in managerial positions is nearly 27% and, in upper management, around 19%. Regardless of age, gender, ethnic origin or physical disability – at Sartorius, everyone has an equal opportunity because we go by performance as our principle for deciding on who to hire for entry-level jobs and who to promote up the career ladder.

A worldwide further qualification policy is essential for ensuring the success of Sartorius as a global group. Based on the Sartorius Leadership Guidelines, we a designed manager development program that all our managerial employees from across the globe are required to attend. As a result, we have significantly moved forward with our efforts to integrate all Sartorians who hail from different cultures from around the world in order to develop a common leadership culture shared across all sites.