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E-Shop FAQ

General Info

How do I find products in your e-shop?

You will find our products in the product catalog or by using our convenient search function. Just enter a search word in the search box located at the top right. Moreover, you will find a selection of product specials by clicking the menu items “Top Sellers“ and “Highlights“ in the Promotions section in the right-hand area of our start page.

Where do I find your product catalog?

Click on “Lab Products & Services” or “Bioprocess Solutions” at the top left on the navigation bar.

Where can I find my shopping cart?

Your shopping cart is located at the top right on the header navigation bar in all country versions of our website, provided they are linked to our e-shop.

Currently, you can access our e-shop from the following countries:


What is a collection folder?

The collection folder lets you combine products of interest, PDF documents and images all into one neat “package.” Then you can e-mail your custom collection folder or drag and drop products from this folder directly into your shopping cart (only possible in countries that are linked to our e-shop → please see “Where do I find my shopping cart?”).

To open a collection folder, click on the (folder) icon on the header navigation bar.

How do I add a product or a document to my collection folder?

In addition to objects that you can place in the collection folder, you will find the Collection Folder icon . Just click on this button to add the element of your choice.

How can I contact your Customer Service?

If you have questions about our products, please click here.
If you need technical support, please click here.