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MYCAP® Bottle Closures

Enhancing Aseptic Fluid Transfer in Bottles

  • Available on Glass and all popular Plastic Bottles, Centrifuge Tubes and Containers
  • One-for-All Silicone Closure for Consistency from Drug Development to Final Filling
  • High Performance Closure Preserves Aseptic Processes
  • Highly Configurable to Meet Your Process Requirements
  • Ready-To-Use and Single-Use Prevents Contamination


The MYCAP® Bottle Closure Family

MYCAP® closures are a one-piece, ready-to-use and single-use aseptic fluid transfer system for bottles.

Select from a diverse range of standard configurations purposefully designed for common applications. Or, capitalize on the generous design freedom and ever-expanding range of bottles to configure MYCAP® to your application specification.

Remarkably, the robust platinum-cured silicone seal never changes from design to design, despite the range of capabilities. MYCAP® is the first truly universal closure system.

MYCAP® expands capabilities, removes uncertainty and eases validation.


Leverage Unique Features to Optimize your Process

Platform Technology

  • MYCAP® features the same platinum-cured silicone closure regardless of the bottle type or cap specifications
  • Validate MYCAP® once and use it freely across the entire drug production process regardless of the application
  • Harmonize components from research and development through final fill and finish

High Performance Closure

  • Low stress-to-seal thanks to outstanding compression set and low creep properties
  • Suitable for use from -65°C to 175°C make it an ideal closure for most biopharmaceutical applications
  • MYCAP® silicone closure is plasticizer free, stabilizer free and has no anti-oxidants

Unmatched Configurability and Design Versatility

  • Tube ports can be placed anywhere on the cap surface to maximize configurability
  • Mix and match tube material and freely select tube sizes to expand application capabilties
  • Near limitless capabilities—almost any container with threaded closure can be converted to MYCAP®

Select your MYCAP® from Purpose-Designed Standards or Create Your Own

MYCAP® with Container

MYCAP® bottle closures come installed to widely-used bottles and centrifuge tubes.

  • Pre-assembled for quick installation and use
  • Gamma irradiated for sterility assurance level (SAL) 10-6
  • Single-use for risk-free handling and simple validation

MYCAP® for Glass Containers

MYCAP® bottle closures for field installation to reusable glass bottles

  • Pre-Designed for widely-used glass bottles
  • High Performance resins suitable for autoclave sterilization
  • Single-use for risk-free handling and simple validation

MYCAP® CCX for Cell Culture Expansion

Expand Outside the Hood with MYCAP® CCX

  • Safely perform cell expansion processes outside the laminar flow hood
  • Aseptically execute media fill, sampling, flask-to-flask and flask-to-reactor transfers
  • Single-use for risk-free handling and simple validation

Custom-design MYCAP® Solutions

Unlock the distinctive configurability of MYCAP® to match your unique process specifications

  • Cost-effective configurability including number, size and material of tubing
  • Rapid development of custom designs
  • Single-use for risk-free handling and simple validation